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HKO - Optical Lens


Single vision lenses correct for one focal point: Distance (objects farther than 20 feet), Intermediate (best for viewing computer screens) or Near (best for reading). Most people wear eyeglasses with single vision lenses. These lenses can be used for prescriptions to correct astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia (reading only).

Single Vision

Basic Level

Advanced Level

Ultimate Level
Double Aspheric
Designed for presbyopia, bifocal lenses are designed to correct both near and far vision. Unlike single vision lenses, bifocals have two sections. The upper part of the lens corrects far distance vision while the lower part corrects near distance vision (for example, while reading). While progressive lenses offer similar functionality, some people find it easier to adapt to bifocals. Bifocals are also more attractively priced.


Basic Level
Curve top , Krytop

Advanced Level
Flat top, Liness Krytop, Executive

Ultimate Level
Invisible Bifocal
Designed for all distances, progressive lenses eliminate the need for presbyopic wearers to change glasses for different viewing distances. The upper, middle and bottom parts of progressive lenses correct for far, intermediate and near distance vision, respectively. Unlike bifocals or trifocals, these lenses have a smooth, “progressive” transition between each part, which makes them more fashionable.


Basic level
Freedom, Basic, Identity, Classic

Advanced Level
Alpha, Premium, Advance, Supreme

Ultimate Level
Ultimate, Exclusive
Office lenses are designed to provide the freedom to work on your computer, at your desk, read a book or cook and at the same time to reduce wearers’ necessary back and head movements. They offer extreme wide near vision and a very soft design that eliminates swim effect and perceived lateral distortion.


Advanced Level
Premium Office

Ultimate Level
Elite Office
About 60% of the population suffers from visual fatigue. Many factors can cause visual fatigue, including electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and TV screens. These can add up in everyday life—resulting in blurred vision and eye discomfort.


Basic Level

Advanced Level

Ultimate Level
With customizable parameters to optimally suit frame position for each individual wearer and multidirectional atoric technology for wider, distortion-free field of vision, our Sportech lens are designed to offer excellent vision to meet the needs of athletes who demand dynamic vision.


Ultimate level
Premium Sportech
Driving has very specific optical requirement. Our driving lenses have been developed to provide optimal vision behind the wheel. They offer wider far and intermediate segments which provide dynamic vision and customizable parameters to perfectly fit for each individual driver.


Advanced Level
In motion Drive

Ultimate Level
Elite Drive


Lenses - Clear


Our standard lenses offer crystal-clear vision under all conditions.

Lenses - Photochromic


Clear indoors, tinted in sunlight

Lenses - Polarized


Polarized lenses virtually eliminates 100% of reflected glare and absorbs 99% of harmful UV rays.

Lenses - Blue Block

Blue Block

Block UV rays as well as the harmful high-energy visible light (HEV light with wavelength up to 420nm) that is emitted by video screens, smartphones and tablets—protecting eyes from long-term exposure risks such as cataracts and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Lenses - Polarized Photochromic

Polarized Photochromic

Light reflecting off the road, snow or water can impair vision. Our photochromic polarized lenses reduce glare, and darkens or lightens in response to lighting conditions—providing optimal vision.

Lenses - 300+ COLORS


Our finished tinted lenses are more than just stylish. These lenses reduce glare, improve contrast and enhanced depth perception—offering optimal vision to athletes, spectators and fans of the great outdoors.

Optical Lenses Index

Lenses - Optical Lenses Index
1.5 CR39
1.523 Crown Glass
1.53 Trivex
1.56 Acrylic Resin
1.59 Panlite ZG
1.6 MR 8
1.67 MR 7 & MR 10
1.74 MR 174
1.8 Tital Glass
1.9 Lantal Glass


Lenses Coating
  • HMC (Anti Reflection Coat)
  • ETC (Super Hydrophobic Coat)
  • BRC (Blue Blue Coat)
  • BGC (Blue Green Coat)
  • HDC (High Definition Coat)
  • UTC (Ultra Tough Coat)
  • Mirror Coat
  • Mineral Coating
  Super Scratch Resistance
Super Scratch Resistance          
  Super Clear
Super Clear          
  Block Blue Light
Block Blue Light        
  Water Repellent
Water Repellent  
  Scratch Resistance
Scratch Resistance